Chinese Academy

19 noiembrie 2012

From the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of electrical engineering experiment station was informed that the Yanqing solar thermal power generation, August, the station ‘s first solar power experimental success, has been running for more than 3 months,Plastic woods marking China ‘s first solar thermal power generation experimental station was completed successfully. The success of the experiment also makes our country become the United States, Germany, Spain, the world’s fourth master integrated large-scale solar thermal power station technical state. To this, Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher Wang Zhifeng said: “the Chinese themselves through solar thermal power generation from light to electricity package technology chain, including from some of the key technology, key materials,Plastic woods ltd and finally the integration technology, modulation techniques and operation technology, that is to say we have mastered the technology chain all link. ”

The international energy network news: Yanqing solar thermal power stations is the national “eleven five ” 863 key project plan part. Reportedly, Yanqing experimental station of solar thermal power generation of about 1950000 kwh, compared with the traditional coal-fired power stations, the annual savings could be 663 tons of standard coal,Plastic woods hk reducing emissions of carbon dioxide 2336 tons, 17.5 tons of sulfur dioxide. Wang Zhifeng said, in the global low carbon economy and new energy revolution trend, solar thermal power generation will gradually be hitherto unknown concern and attention. ” Its carbon is in all ways of power generation which should be the lowest in a generation, also in the energy saving, composed entirely of solar generated after high temperature instead of using coal or gas to generate high temperature process, a process is not consuming conventional fossil fuels, energy-saving effect is it is self-evident, we define it as a kind of energy alternatives. ”

Yanqing solar thermal power station is in the experimental stage success, and for the future to further development,Plastic woods make Wang Zhifeng said, the focus of the future work is mainly the technology industrialization. ” We eleven five is to grasp its technology, through the technical aspects, then to plan for future work is to put the technology to the industry, we are doing this work, in China’s western region to do large-scale solar thermal power station. “

Tablet PC

23 decembrie 2011


The tablet is a unfold, no keyboard, sizes, shapes, but the functional integrity of the computer. The component and a notebook computer is basically the same, but it is the use of the stylus on the screen writing, instead of using the keyboard and mouse input, and broke the laptop keyboard and screen vertical type J design pattern. In addition to its own laptop computers all the features, but also support handwritten input and speech input, mobility and portability. Tablet PC was first put forward by Bill Gates, is at least X86 framework from Microsoft, the computer concept products, tablet PC is a unfold, no keyboard, small enough to fit into handbags, Web Content Management System
but fully functional PC.

Embedded computer

Embedded system ( Embedded Systems ), is a kind of the application as the center, take the microprocessor as the foundation, the software and hardware can be cut, adapted to the application system to function, reliability, cost, volume, power consumption of the strict requirements of the special computer system. It generally consists of an embedded microprocessor, peripheral hardware, embedded operating system and user application consists of four parts. It is the computer market of the fastest growing areas, but also a wide variety of forms, a variety of computer system. The embedded system includes almost all of life’s electrical equipment, such as a handheld PDA, calculator, a television set-top box, mobile phone, digital television, multimedia players, automotive, microwave, digital cameras, home automation systems, elevators, air-conditioning, security systems, vending machines, cellular phone, consumer electronics, industrial automation instrumentation and medical equipment etc..

Embedded system is the core component of the embedded processor, divided into 4 categories, namely the embedded microcontroller ( Micro Contrller Unit, MCU, commonly known as SCM ), embedded microprocessor ( Micro Processor Unit, MPU ), embedded DSP processor ( Digital Signal Processor, DSP ) and system on chip ( System on Chip, SOC ). Embedded microprocessor generally have 4 characteristics:

( 1 ) of the real time and multi task had strong support ability, can perform multiple tasks and have shorter interrupt response time, so that the internal code and real-time operating system execution time is reduced to a minimum;

( 2) has a very strong function of the storage area protection function, this is because the embedded system software architecture is modular,Website Development and in order to avoid the error between software modules, interaction design, need powerful storage area protection function, but also conducive to software diagnosis;

( 3) scalable processor architecture, in order to be able to spread quickly to meet the application of the high performance microprocessor;

( 4) embedded microprocessor power must be very low, especially for portable wireless and mobile computing and communication devices on a battery-powered embedded system is more such, power only for the MW and w level.

Kunlun jade

2 decembrie 2011

The Kunlun jade the lack of awareness of ordinary people are increasingly becoming the Kunlun jade main consumer groups, how to choose the Kunlun jade, experts pointed out three strategies:

The first one: do not covet is cheap. Kunlun jade crop little, price is high, there is a Chinese proverb: the price one, lost money for no one to do.poly bag manufacturer
Business propaganda careful listening, the price is too low to pay attention to, cannot covet is cheap to buy.

Second strokes: see all kinds of process modeling is artistic charm. Work is fine, the price is higher, more has the collection value. Good Decor generally applied to fine jade material, set painting, carving, grinding and other crafts handmade. Jade materials jade carving master according to different design, different patterns, such as the use of jade materials of different colors or patterns carved lotus carp, or carving be lively and vivid characters … … Usually a good white square brand of hire is in 1000 yuan of above, its modelling scale harmony, Diaogong smooth lines.

The third measure: fashion jewelry
see material. Jade materials jade price level is to determine the key factors, not only determines their use and appreciation, appreciation of the collection is the key. Material identification, first look at the jade jade hardness, hardness than glass high, consumers in the purchase of jade, jade glass available in draw on the scratch test hardness; followed by watching the light transmittance, Kunlun jade is tremolite, under the irradiation of light rays, can see the jade internal cottony fibers woven structure, see jade products have no crack and impurities, good jade pure color, soft.

The expert points out, Kunlun jade identification is usually through a polarizing microscope and chemical analysis, cost is too high, if is a valuable handicrafts, to the Department of Geology and mineral resources were identified, in the formal business according to strict procedures to purchase goods, than the three pick their satisfaction with jade.

In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, people said the white jade, refers only to Xinjiang Hotan white jade; now, people see the white jade in Xinjiang Hotan jade,hong kong restaurants
and white New jade, Dushan jade, Qinghai jade, aventurite and South Korea, Russia white jade.

Hetian jade: also called nephrite belongs to amphibole. Under a microscope, a variable crystal fibers interwoven structure, hardness 66.5. Hetian jade has a variety of colors, with white ‘s most precious. Hotan white jade and jade, jade seed mountain water ( or the Gobi jade, jade mines ) and mountain material jade ( Jade Mountain Division ). Seed jade in the white jade,” body as a source, naked inside a blue” smooth, fine clean, are hardly visible to the naked eyes to fibers interwoven white crystal, such as cutting the fat, characterized as” white, transparent, thin, smooth, jade.”.

Mountain material jade: not seed jade jade, color with green, and relatively dry, and some also show crack. The mountain material jade is also to Bai Weihong. But as white as very little fat. Russia white jade, white jade of Qinghai is only in recent years in the international market, its color and white jade of Xinjiang are similar, but less so for lights, wait-and-see, general structure of thick pine, and glass. Good Russia white jade, white high, slightly fat, popular with collectors of all dresses Korean jade, the color white, holds the lamp, wait-and-see, visible impurities which structure is rough and loose.

The selection of the Xinjiang Hotan white jade, except for its color, but also pay attention to flawless. At the same time, also need to pay attention to its skin color. There is also a bit of Hetian jade”,” red osmanthus leather” leather”,” pear skin” and” the duck”. This is also a feature of Hetian jade. The production of jade carvings, chocolate, its artistic value will be improved to a great extent, collectors can also add a taste.

Depending on the type of good-for-nothing. Each piece has its shape. Choice, should pay attention to its shape like, not completely, have no taste for art. The use of jade material, it is finer and finer, the value is higher also. While some jade has broken, cracked, or raw material factors, some are man-made damage.

People wear jade ornaments on ornamentation, are emphatically ornamentation. Because of, pattern all has its specific meaning, or Xiang, or evil spirits, or blessing, or birthday, or elegant scholar breath, or wealth, or little and dainty, shall be clearly displayed.

beautiful legends

29 noiembrie 2011

The Shoushan stone formation, folk have many beautiful legends. Some say that pass by patching Nuwa are the Shoushan, be here, beautiful scenery Qingshanxiushui drink, dance, will be colored stones scattered in these hills, river and fields, as the gem of its brightness dazzles the eyes. Some say that ancient a phoenix bird egg liquid into the Shoushan nearby underground into Shoushan stone.

There is a saying, say this place was originally called Shoushan, is called any name. There lived a young woodcutter, named Chen longevity. Chen longevity grew like playing chess, and skillful player. One day he saw the mountain wood, two white-haired old man is the top of a block of stone. Chen longevity on the carrying burden to watch. The two elders to see the young people so concentrate one’s attention on, seems quite through chess, invite him.

Chen longevity is not delayed, sat down and the two elders hand in hand. Although the two elders chess Road, do not want to have been the young man continued to win several games. An old man hand twist a long beard smiled:” fancy world had such players, I admire, admire!” The two elders to see long clothes plain, wood for a living, rather poor, have pity, will the pawn to longevity, said he will not have to the mountain wood, owned a good day. He just felt a gentle breeze, has not seen the two elders.

Chen longevity with the two elders to send home to shoulder the burden. Walking on the road to accidentally fell, pawns in the hands of a scattered manner, strange to say, I saw these pieces one immediately turned to be riotous with colour stone, stone gave birth to pick up pebbles, also picking up finish. Chen longevity back home will relate in detail to tell his wife.

So they married every day mountain stones, cut stone. They picked up stones to the market to sell, do not want to be a sold, quite a lot of money, so they couple days gradually get better. It spread from mouth to mouth, before long, near the people know, everyone up to the stone, then people will the mountain called, put the pieces into a gem called Shoushan stone. The Qing Dynasty poet Zhu Yizun to write a poem praise:” lost treasure in day students”.


28 noiembrie 2011

Arabia dessert:

Umm Ali: a bread pudding.

Esh Asaraya: the dessert, the upper layer is the cream cheese cake.

Mehalabiya: a spraying pistachio, mixed with pistachio pudding.

Arabia meal staple:

Arabia scones and mixed with a variety of seafood fried rice, is one of Arabia meal of staple food.

The greening of Dubai

Although Dubai United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates is a tropical desert country, but in the United Arab Emirates Dubai tourism, it is easy for you to get yourself in a tropical island. Because there are lush greenery, trees, flowers, grass into Ping road. A wild profusion of vegetation on both sides of the road was full of trees, palms, Phoenix wood, there are a variety of colorful flowers everywhere, the green lawn, will make you feel like in europe. In Dubai, the per capita green area reached 20 square meters,poly bag manufacturer
Dubai green absolute luxury, every tree, every bush near have to” pipe”, morning, evening, the ground with black hose upward into the mist spray desalination of seawater. Dubai every tree cultivation cost over $1000, per square meter of lawn feed cost $3000 a year, be be worthy of the name” feed” by money.

Education in Dubai

Dubai said that if the past Dubai, the education system is almost blank, so now the UAE and Dubai, the education system has been gradually perfected, can get almost all developed countries. In 1977, he did not have a University of Dubai encouraged young people to the United Kingdom and the United States and abroad, tuition fees and other costs of living with the government providing. Now, Dubai has a comprehensive university and University of science and technology, but also for the girl jewelry
In order to allow high school students to continue their education after high school, government to university students for each month to provide high bonus — the government that they would neither school after graduating from high school, but not work.

De La Tour Hotel Arabia, also known as the Dubai Lugger Hotel. The world’s most luxurious hotel when the number of Saudi Arabia within the territory of the Dubai sailing ( BurjAl-Arab ) Hotel, translation into Chinese is also called the” Arabia tower”, also known as the” star of Arabia”. It is the world’s first 7-Star hotel. Located in the middle region of Arabia UAE emirate of Dubai of Dubai city.

Good reputation

In those days, the tower of Arabia [1 ] just opened when, the reporter was one of the guests, here, she felt before

Lugger Hotel ( 40 ) of any quality of service. She returned home, in the newspaper praised the Arabia tower is a luxury and excellent service, finally said:” I can’t find any words to describe it, only 7 star to give it a rating, in the out of the ordinary.” Since then,hong kong restaurants
the free ads all over the world.


Dubai Arabia United Arab Emirates in the second big city. Nineteen ninties, develop tourism energetically. Due to the high-quality environment and rich and colorful culture ( 83% of the population are foreigners ), visitors to Dubai as a model, artist, businessman and higher income are. In Dubai ‘s proposal, well-known entrepreneurs to invest in the construction of the magnificent; ornate; fascinating al-Maktoum burjal-arab hotel.

By British designer Tom Wright ( Tom Wright ) design. Built on the beach of an artificial island, is a sailing boat shaped tower building, has 56 floors, 315.9 meters high, it is at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel ( considered one of the world’s best hotel ), room area from 170 square metres to 780 square metres, the lowest price is the presidential suite for $900, the highest royal suite is 18000 dollars. De La Tour Hotel Arabia in fact this is off-season price, the price is often failed to book the room. Hotel prices although expensive, passenger source is still active. ” Not afraid of high prices, but poor”, this business sayings in Dubai get confirm again.

Construction history


Burj al-Arab initial idea is by UAE Minister of defense, Dubai Prince al-Maktoum proposed, he dreams to give Dubai a Sydney Opera House,wedding dresses Eiffel Tower of the landmark. After the world hundreds of designers of whimsy, plus the Dubai huge money in the pocket and 5 years time, Arabia De La Tour Hotel finally create a fantastic Building — the strong Islamic style and luxurious decoration and the perfect combination of high-tech means, building materials, building numerous awards.


Hotel by the British designer W.S Atkins design, appearance as a drum full of windfan, has 56 floors, 321 meters high, is the world’s tallest Hotel, Eiffel Tower of France on a higher than.


Burj project took 5 years, 2 and a half years in the Arabia sea to fill out artificial island De La Tour Hotel Arabia, 2 half years in architecture itself, used 9000 tons of steel, and the 250 foundation construction pile to hit in the 40 meters deep under the sea.

Architectural features

The world’s highest seven Stars Hotel

De La Tour Hotel Arabia is the world ‘s highest seven Stars Hotel building, opened in 1999 December, a total of senior 202 rooms, built on the Arabia Le Grand Large Hotel tower from the coast 280 meters artificial island Jumeirah Beach Resort. Porcelain with new construction and engineering technology, charming scenery and modeling, to make it look as if the sky and com.

Hotel by the British designer W.S Atkins design, appearance as a drum full of windfan, has 56 floors, 315.9 meters high, is the world’s tallest Hotel, Eiffel Tower of France on a higher than. In February 22, 2005 ranked first in the world of Roger Federer of Switzerland and the United States of America legend Agassi participated in the Dubai open space, came to the world’s most luxurious hotel, located in the Dubai sea area “Arabia tower” hotel at the top of the one the one and only air tennis courts for an open up a fresh outlook friendlies, allegedly this tennis court was originally a helipad, distance the ground more than 200 meters, let a person shudder with fear.

This looks like is a sailing boat image of the hotel built on the seaside of an artificial island, is a sailing boat shaped towers. It was built in 280 meters away from the coastline of the island of Jumeirah Beach Resort. De La Tour Hotel Arabia with new construction and De La Tour Hotel Arabia engineering technology, charming scenery and modeling, to make it look as if the sky and com. The hotel uses a double membrane structure architecture form, modeling light, elegant, has a strong membrane structure characteristics and modern style.

It has 202 sets of double rooms, 200 meters high overlooking the city of Dubai restaurant. The atrium is golden, it’s the most luxurious president suite of 780 square meters is more gorgeous, on the twenty-fifth floor, furniture is plated, has a cinema, two bedrooms, two living rooms, a restaurant, access to a dedicated elevator. Room area from 170 square metres to 780 square metres. The seven Stars Hotel prices certainly not cheap, will cost a minimum of $900 to $18000, the presidential suite.

The hotel has eight BMW and two Rolls-Royce, for all passengers directly to and from the airport, is also available from the hotel 28 layer dedicated airport by helicopter, to spend 15 minutes air overlooking the beauty of Dubai. If the guest would like to eat seafood restaurant, they will be sent to the submarine restaurant, so that they can enjoy dinner before the wonders of the sea.

combustible materials

25 noiembrie 2011

Philosophy East space design inventory of public places of entertainment in decoration mainly has the following problems:

Decoration of the 1 engineering use large amounts of flammable, combustible materials

Combustible material so that the fire spread rapidly, and produces large amounts of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, smoke particles and other harmful substances, so that the people of reduced visibility, breathing difficulties, caused large numbers of casualties.hong kong restaurants
Places of public entertainment place every especially big fire, and almost all use a large amount of combustible materials decoration is inextricably relations, and casualties are mostly due to flammable, combustible materials burn caused by harmful gas.

The 2 destruction of the original fire system, effect, prevents fire equipment use

In many restaurants, since the two renovation, the automatic fire alarm system fire detector protection scope change, appeared the blind; or make the automatic sprinkler system sprinkler spraying effect is affected, all of the fire control system to play the role of a certain way of.

3 electrical line messy, overload operation, lighting from the combustible too close

Xinjiang Karamay City friendship of fire, is the stage lighting roasting curtain of fire combustible. General paper, cloth, clothing ignition in 200 DEG C, and a more than 60 watt incandescent light bulb surface temperature can reach the temperature. In engineering inspection also found frequently, some decoration engineering, electrical lines directly and combustible material contact,hong kong stores
some lay directly in soft wall, these are very dangerous.

4 do not meet the requirements of safety evacuation

Liaoning province Fuxin city art song and dance hall after the fire, can be used for people to escape the gate only 0.8 meters wide, and has 5 steps, a flow through each other, crowded, it was stuck, heavier casualties. Shanghai” sea palace” confluence of entertainment is a located in air underground headquarters ballroom, wherein an outlet height less than 1.15 meters, fire, for people to escape to another channel due to a massive build-up of decorative materials is a footpath.

Decoration of the 5 engineering is by public security fire department, as well as engineering there are many congenital fire risks

Practice has proved that, on the dining room decoration design for fire control examination in public places of entertainment, is to prevent the occurrence of fire, one of the most important measures. The fire department in accordance with the national fire codes of the decoration engineering of fire control examination, is given to countries at all levels of public security fire department’s important responsibilities.

But the public entertainment places a huge fire in the situation, a lot of decoration engineering construction units not to Fire Department of public security officers. Notably, some public places of entertainment, although the decoration after fire control examination,hong kong clubs but the decoration unit for fire department to audit importance, or simply ignored, still persist in one’s old ways, which is currently one of the widespread and existent problem.

ghosting increases

24 noiembrie 2011

Equipment maintenance
Each of a lithographic printing machine, there are 125 variables need to be controlled, thus keeping the print consistency also becomes a very difficult to achieve. The printing machine roller ‘s hardness is too large can bring you the following question: order value to grow substantially, uneven dot density,

Mechanical ghosting increases, color control failure, network edge irregular, network fuzzy, halftone pattern granulation, field color printing effect is not ideal. Printing technology in order to avoid the occurrence of these problems, the press operator must ensure the roller cleaning, ink and softness.

I might have to read the printing machine manufacturers to every drum proposed hardness requirements. Some manufacturers may according to the cylinder functions and their printing press in the position of different hardness requirements are put forward, and some manufacturers may provide a suitable for all roller hardness value.plastic bag manufacturer Now, you must own a printing cylinder to choose a proper hardness values, and try to keep the numerical.

Under UV irradiation or in high temperature and easy to oxidation in the environment, the roller will harden. Therefore, putting the best drum stored in a dark place, and keep them away from the heat source and the electric motor.
Want to let a cylinder of a printing press remains soft, the best weekly using demineralized solution or containing 15% vinegar water for them to conduct a cleaning.

In addition, every weekend, the operator should also use the ink cleaning thoroughly cleaning roller, and on the Monday morning to a washing drum. If possible, avoid as far as possible in the use of chemical agents, and must not use steel pad. In an ideal situation, toilet facial paper maunfacturer the best every quarter put the printing machine roller are all removed a manual cleaning, at the same time, but also on the printing machine bracket and the frame for cleaning. This is a difficult task, but as long as you work hard, we will be able to see the stains disappear and improve the quality of printing.

Pressure test
To properly fit the printing pressure is the printing quality of the key, especially screen dot screen printing on the printing pressure requirement is high, the correct printing pressure to a beautifully printed products of high quality.

1, ink device pressure drawing this pressure zone refers to the ink distributing roller and roller pressure, its main function is to control the size and uniformity of the ink delivery. Between two roller pressure (GAP ), the roller surface of the ink is relatively less, conversely more quantity of ink.

The printing pressure and printing area is related to the size of printing, generally larger pressure can be lighter, so as to increase the amount of ink to improve the ink thickness,hong kong attractions brightness.

While the printing area is smaller and more delicate language pattern, its pressure is slightly more, in order to reduce the amount of ink to improve the small text definition, this pressure the size principle general depending on the product properties depending on. Network printing, pressure is relatively large, small text line pressure is slightly larger, characters and large solid product can be relatively small.

prices slowing

23 noiembrie 2011

Experts say the Hetian jade 100 years do not collect prices slowing

As in recent years of Hetian jade in the jewelry market is popular, the most original love jade” veteran” also gradually produced a number of Hetian jade fans, but the rising price, let many people sigh of love.

Although in recent years, high-grade Hetian jade prices start up 5 times, but the annual operating jade merchant tells a reporter, Hotan jade price rises have tended to be stable, speculation need rational return. As for Hetian jade lode depletion before rumors, Xinjiang jewelry Association executive vice president of Zhou Yanming in Yangcheng Evening News reporter when the interview is clear:” Hetian jade one hundred years do not collect.”

Speculation prices slowing

Guangzhou city cultural relics perennial engaged in jewellery, studio manager Liang Jiantao told reporters:” Hetian jade prices, far from the emerald high, nearly a year of Hotan jade prices rose year-on-year 30%-50%. After the 2006 to 2009 madness after rising, Hotan jade recently three years prices have tended to be stable, very conducive to the jade lovers into the city.”

Does this mean the Hetian jade bubble has emerged? Reportedly, since the reform and opening up, Hotan jade price has risen to at least one hundred thousand times.

But in cultural relics are held “Xinjiang Hotan white jade art exhibition” the reporter saw, quality is still sought after by the market, Ma Jingui and Zhou Yanming two jade carving master works up, was booked many.

Liang Jiantao said:” the constant strong boutique, mid-range Hetian jade close to a year rose two times, high-grade at least up 5 times. As investment, purchase of Hetian jade preferred product relationship in high-end boutique, not only the price will rise steadily, will more easily when.”

” People don’t like before Guangzhou Hotan jade, the same price, would rather buy a small piece of jade ring face, also refused to buy a Hetian jade hand pieces. Now the Hetian jade market in Guangzhou is slowly emerging, the future prices is inestimable.” Zhou Yanming says.

Large jade mine frozen in ice

Jade collection investment has experienced in recent years after the fever, is the rational regression. But before the drive and cropland jade prices as a cause, Xinjiang Hetian jade lode is rife because of being crazy mining, has been faced with dried up.

To this Zhou Yanming in Guangzhou to attend the exhibition, to explicitly tell the Yangcheng Evening News:” Hetian jade one hundred years do not collect.”

” Hetian jade produced in Kunlun Mountains, 1200 km range, do not know how many Hetian jade burial jade mine, Hotan jade is not depleted, the mountain material ore haven’t been discovered yet. However, currently known for jade mining area, because before unrestrained exploitation, has dried up riverbed, the seed material, also be Amoy almost. But unknown number of jade ore, frozen in ice, exploitation difficulty is bigger, the government also began to restrict the exploitation, so the Hetian jade increasingly scarce resources.” Zhou Yanming said.

feng shui

22 noiembrie 2011

Bedside empty, lack of security

Bed rest is used for local, if empty beds, is the lack of a sense of security, there will be no comfortable feeling. The so-called blank means that there is no mountain or patron. When we sleep soundly or so previously when, the body will be imperceptibly around mobile, may head out onto the scope and injuries.

Ornaments fierce, effects of temper

Travel time when most people are accustomed to, buy some local handicrafts as souvenirs or specialty. For example: ceramic utensils, wood products, giant fan, sheep horn even wooden knife with wooden fork and other decorative items. They will be those decorative items in the living room or indoor display.

To create an atmosphere,office furniture
placing some containing belligerence ornaments, such as the Japanese army, fierce tiger, Eagle ghost surface spectrum, will make people cranky, easy impulse.

In contrast, add festive and auspicious ornaments will bring wealth. Therefore, home furnishing furnishings to unconventional, made bad feng shui.

Furthermore, the shape is also very important. Chinese speaking ( to the first), if not in peony flowers open, horse become dejected and despondent, where blossoming, win success immediately upon arrival, how to touch wood?

From geomantic perspective, different decorative items are placed its role, but it depends on the azimuth position dependent of good and bad. Then, in the home should place the ornament to compliance with the Feng Shui Road? It is not specified, in principle, not of odd shape, not excessive stack, otherwise, will become ( Feng Shui props field ).

In general, fukurokuju Samsung, nine fish ( such as ) maps, peony flower, the peacock and other auspicious ornaments or pictures, are suitable for every family. The true to life likeness shape, not only can provide shelter to bring auspicious gas, but also show beautiful home furnishing.

If every day looking at those hanging on the wall in the chill of the portrait or sad characters, will produce an illusion and feel very depressed at the prospect. Children bed posters murals also need to pay attention to, lively and interesting, informative and inspiring, pictorial image should not be feeling fear.

Range azimuth shadow sound finances

A lot of people on residential Feng Shui focus only on the living room and bedroom layout, while ignoring the importance of the kitchen, the so-called: ( door, gate, the main foci ),flower shop
master bedroom and a stove position. The kitchen is often the local water and fire. ” Ching” so-called fire both Jackie, means water and fire is the diet must, with fire and water conditioning, can reach the balance between yin and yang. Therefore, in order to achieve ( both Jackie ) condition, can be shipped home smoothly, population.

According to the five grams of health theory, Oriental belongs to wood, the south is fire, the range should be towards the South fire range.

In fact, the stove to the east or south is very consistent with five lines of position. Because in ancient times for cooking fuel, nothing more than a weed and Chai Zhi, when cooking stove mouth towards the East and convenient can be matched with wind direction, easy to light a fire.

Kitchen stove to sit down to auspicious to achieve the principles of Feng shui. If located in Kyrgyzstan, is home to population health, the feelings of husband and wife. Instead, you must happy marriage, often quarrel or infirm.

Secondly, the kitchen equipment, such as the kitchen, dishes, dishes frame are placed to the right position. Stove most avoid is faucet ejection, easily contracted dysentery and stomach disease. If the sink and stove in a straight line, it is incompatible, will influence their emotions and health. If the stove placement and tap into square type ( type L ), can avoid water ejection, also conforms to the Feng Shui road.

Design background

21 noiembrie 2011

All the time since, Milan has dominated the global trend of men’s leading position, allow all doubt, however, the quarterly in subsequent Paris men’s fashion week, there are still many distinctive style of the major suit holding up half the sky. If the Italy men’s attention to the real wear and structure, the French men’s bold use of color more learned man in Paris is romantic. A color of the Paris men, apparently next spring and summer to men like jumped into the dye vat, not only high chroma and end with color, pure. Noble luxurious French men, innate manhood, noble, graceful bearing and walk in the fashion front

The designer is to design things are a general term. Is usually in a particular areas of expertise to create or provide creative work, engaged in art and business together. These people usually is the use of a painting or other various with visual way to show their work or works. Into the architectural design, art design, graphic design, exhibition design, industrial design and other fields.

Designer classification 1:

Engaged in art and business together. Into the automobile design, fashion design, jewelry design, game design, graphic design, industrial design, furniture design, interior design, landscape design, webpage design, system design, theatre design, architectural design, animation design and other fields.

Engaged in thought work arrangements, such as interior decoration, enterprise and organization of work.

Design is a kind of jumping or logical thinking some impulse, is the brain of thinking of a kind of imaging, and this is what we usually say creativity. This way of thinking, through specific expression, construct a specific thing. In order to achieve assimilation viewers thought or awaken sympathy among viewers purpose.

A mature designer must have the artist’s accomplishment, engineer, rigorous thought traveler experience and life experience, the idea of management, financial expert cost consciousness.

A design of industry veterans speak design idea, design is the designer of professional knowledge, life experience, culture art, moral quality and other aspects of the comprehensive embodiment of. Only the inner discipline improves, can make the work, quality, top grade and work, otherwise, just at the primary stage of imitation, mere ordinary. A character is not high art designer, his design quality is not high. And because the tuba rabbit decoration network through third party certification, more protection of the designer’s work strength of authenticity, but also affect the quality of.

Designer classification 2

Software architect hydraulic designer mechanical designer Webpage Designer UI interior designer graphic designer graphic designer clothing designer, landscape designer

The interior designer is often due to design homes, make life more beautiful. Therefore, designers are often compared to the creator designer famous ) Wu Yang University 1 times, he was the musical young cynic, at present, he is doing the night design interior designer. Occasionally on guitar, a week Qitian, of which six days than in the KTV site in KTV. Wu Yang thinks, good commercial space design is three feet of the table.

The first leg is a satisfactory, Party A is not satisfactory, design is realized; second feet is the designer himself satisfied, not satisfied with the designers, design work will not be full; the third is the consumer satisfaction, the party not to make money, how also could not be called for good works. In 2007 Mr Wu Yang himself over the years to the commercial space design experience in writing, published” Fifth Element”, a strong response.

2) Steven Holzer, is a famous contemporary American architect, whose works pays special attention to the artistic beauty and resist design of a systematic and general principles, the design style in the world with a broad impact, in recent years in China’s architectural design industry is particularly concerned. The book includes Holzer’s representative works of architectural design works of 23, each with a certain number of pictures, plan, elevation, section, axonometric drawing are introduced in detail, and accompanied by text analysis of the works of design background, style and technique of expression.

3) Ieoh Ming Pei, Chinese-American architect, 1983 general Liz award winner, known as” the last master of modern architecture”. Ieoh Ming Pei for the Suzhou Peter Schreyer Kia designer family, was born in the early Republic of China Guangdong Province Guangzhou City, father Bei Zuyi served as the Central Bank of the Republic of China president, Bank of China is one of the founders of.

Ieoh Ming Pei works in public buildings, cultural buildings, were classified as modern architecture, using steel, concrete, glass and stone, works on behalf of the United States of America Washington National Gallery Dongxiang, Musee du Louvre Paris expansion project of China, Bank of China Tower in Hongkong, Suzhou Museum, recent works have card of Du, the Museum of Islamic art.


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